Thursday, January 26, 2006

In my head

A few things I've been thinking about today... I feel like a dirty person when my house is a mess. This has been my state of mind for the past couple days too, as my house has been one big mess. Why does living life create such a mess?

Been using my ipod while doing chores. Music sounds so dang good when it's right up in your ear!!! Motivates me to get more of that necessary cleaning done. Right now I'm listening to Of Montreal, Rouge Wave & Ryan Adams. Always love listening to Ryan Adams. Dylan calls him my boyfriend. Not a super attractive person, but there is something about a person that creates such beautiful art that I find very attractive, & dare I even say sexy. This is a huge part of my attraction to Dylan, of course. His love of art, and his incredible artistic ability & creative mind. Love my guy.

I've been nagging myself lately. Telling myself I need to take more pictures. Have not been in that mode lately. Need to get back there. Need some inspiration. Telling myself I need to drink more water & eat more salad. Telling myself I need to get more done in the day. Telling myself I need to plan more fun stuff to do with Sadie. Thought about some play dough, but changed my mind real quick. Maybe when she's a little bit older. Telling myself I need to be easier on myself & let things go. Trying to just choose to be really happy every day. Telling myself that Spring will come some day.

Also thinking about how much I've loved this blog. How much more it makes me think about myself. So happy to have a means of "saving" these memories. I know that I will love looking back & reading this stuff a few years from now. I'll be able to see how I've grown & how I've just stayed the same as well. Love this outlet.

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