Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Random facts about me

So I stole this idea from my sister Heather. I think it's totally cool. A great way to record some lesser knowns about myself.

1- The only type of milk I will drink is skim. Nothing else, even on cereal.
2- I talk in my sleep. Didn't know this until I got married. But, now that Dylan & I are parents, we're super tired all the time. My talking doesn't wake him up at night anymore, so I don't get to hear all the funny stuff I say.
3- I love food. (most people know this, I think) I watch the food network A LOT!
4- Mopping is my least favorite chore. Don't know why, cause I really love clean floors.
5- I want to become a really good photographer. I plan on taking classes once I have the time & money to.

On another note, Sadie said "sweatshirt" today and it sounded really funny.

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