Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Such a happy girl these days. She wakes up full of energy. Running through the house, dancing and yelling. Loves bananas, eats one almost every day. Loves her baths, never wants to get out, would probably stay in forever if I didn't pull her out. She likes to watch the Wiggles & Little Einsteins on tv. Loves doing whatever Dad is doing. I think this is adorable, but can be pretty annoying sometimes for Dylan especially when he's doing homework. She loves real physical play like airplane & wrestling. She is saying so many words & gets real frustrated when we can't understand what she is trying to communicate. Still a very dramatic girl. Lays her head on my shoulder & plays with my hair when she is tired or sad. It makes her happy to be my "helper". She turns the lights on & off and pushes buttons on the microwave. I do lose my patience with her every once in a while, but she's just so dang cute & happy & full of energy. I can't believe this girl was just a little baby growing inside of me not too long ago. She's great. Love being her mom.

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