Wednesday, January 11, 2006

She's starting to talk...

My little Sadie girl is starting to copy what we say a lot more. Yesterday I asked her is she wanted a snack. Some pretzels. And she said "pretzels" in her own little way, which sounded something like "pee see". I put some pretzels in a little bowl for her, because she likes to walk around with her snack in a bowl. It makes her feel big and in charge. I handed the bowl to her and she said "too too", which means "thank you". It was so cute I just couldn't stand it.

Some of our other favorites right now are:
"woo woo" - love you
"bess shoo" - bless you

I also signed up for a book club for this girl. At first I felt it was something we just couldn't afford. But after looking into it I realized that the first books I ordered end up costing about $2.00 per book. Which you really can't beat, and I'm only obligated to buy 4 more books over the next 2 years. I think it's really important that she has a variety of books. My sister Heather has a ton of children's books from her time as an elementary school teacher. I always thought that was so cool that her kids have so many books. One I'm looking for that they didn't have at this book club is "The Very Busy Spider". I remember Lauren being so cute with that book when she was a little girl. I'm sure I can find it used on Amazon for a good price though. Anyway, should be fun. Can't wait to get the books we ordered!

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