Sunday, January 29, 2006

Snow, Sprinkle Donuts & a Fun Date

We've been getting a lot of snow lately. It's actually snowing out there right now. I think the snow is very pretty, I just don't like living in it. I don't like having to brush it all off the car, don't like driving in it & I don't like having to put on tons of clothes every time I go outside. Well, not tons of clothes, but a coat & socks and shoes. I am totally a slip on shoes kind of girl, but that just does not cut it in this weather.

We got some Krispy Kreme donuts from Albertsons last night. Dylan mentioned in the car ride home that I would eat the sprinkle one. I realized that I am a grown woman, 26 years old, and I still love the sprinkle donuts! They are my favorite. What's up with that!? Will this ever change? Probably when my kids are old enough to get to them before I do. They are just so fun & cute, I can help but love them.

Dylan took me out on a date on Friday night. We ate at Bajio (yumma) and then went to see Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire at the cheap theater. It was really fun to get out on our own, talk, laugh & be in love. It's hard to find time these days to go out so we have to jump on any chance we get. It's important.

I got a new filter for my vacuum in the mail the other day. Right on! It's crazy the things that make you happy as you get older. This one is making me really happy. Crazy, I know.

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