Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Been kinda out of it. We've all been sick. Dylan was in a car accident Friday night. He was rear ended at a stoplight. not much damage to the car. He's been a little sore since & now I think I've passed my cold on to him. I'm feeling a little better each day. Going to the dentist today. Should be fun.

Sadie is feeling better. She's understanding so much more. We're working on picking up toys right now. She loves to put her blocks back in the container. She loves throwing trash in the garbage can for us. Sometimes she throws things away that aren't trash, though. She also likes to pull junk out of the garbage can - not good. She calls the garbage "bishge". She has started to take her clothes off all the time, and she doesn't want us to put them back on her. Most the time I'm okay with this if she's just taking off her shirt. But once she takes her pants off, she wants her diaper off as well. It's not fun dealing with her on this, because when she knows she wants something she gets soooooo dramatic. Silly girl. Mom - does this undressing thing remind you of anybody?

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Haley said...

Okay, so I have to comment on this one because I can relate very much about Sadie wanting to take her clothes off. I babysit a family w/ a 4 yr. old boy, who's name is Ben(he's cute) and he does the same thing. He'll come home from preschool some days and I won't even notice (until he comes and shows) that he's taken his clothes off, w/ the exception of his Old Navy boxer shorts. This kid just has a thing w/ not wanting to keep his clothes on..actually, now that I come to think of it, the mother of these 2 kids doesn't really have a problem w/ it, but I think it's kinda silly and funny because he can just feel happy about it. I've even told the mother that one of these days, when both kids get older, they're going to take up some kind of strip club job because they can't seem to keep their clothes on( okay, so this was just a joke, but you see where I'm coming from on that). It's not just Ben, but sometimes, Rebekah(who's 2) will do the same thing, as well. I can relate to the same situation with sadie because I watch kids who do that.

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