Monday, February 27, 2006

Ice Everywhere

I have to post photos on almost every entry. I'm such a visual person. Here are a couple of the view right outside our front door. Ice everywhere. Dylan has done a good job of clearing off the ice right in front of our door. This shot of the ice on the stair landing is in front of our neighbors door. Nobody is living there right now. It gets warm enough during the day to melt the snow from the roof, but since we never get direct sun in the front of the apartment, it all lands there & then freezes again. Fun stuff. Been noticing that people aren't wearing their big coats since it's been a little warmer. 35 degrees & no wind is pretty dang warm to us I guess.

Dylan had to work yesterday for a few hours so Sadie & I went to church by ourselves. She was a little angel. I know that I've rarely said that about my little active, independent, no boundaries girl, but she was great! We stayed in sacrament the whole time, with no meltdowns. She did try to leave the row a few times, but didn't get all upset when I pulled her back in. Then I was substituting a primary class, so I took her to nursery (even though she's not officially in there for a couple more weeks). She stayed there the whole time & was happy as can be. no crying! The leaders said she was really good. Everything was going well. I was so happy. Having a good day....

Then I locked the keys & Sadie in the van. Luckily the person that walked by just then & I asked to stand w/ Sadie so I could call a locksmith was Bro. Sessions. He is pretty skilled & getting into cars w/ a coat hanger. He ran home to get a coat hanger & then it took him a while (about 20 minutes) to get it unlocked. But we were so thankful. I guess it's a pretty fair trade off for watching their little boy Andrew every Friday for this whole semester. Glad he was there to help me in a moment of crisis.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Right Now I am Loving...

-This photo of Sadie from yesterday.
-That she folds her arms, squints her eyes & says amen for prayers.
-My new scrapbooking space, of course.
-Easter candy, sure did buy some already.
-Tomorrow to spend with my family.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Random Act of Kindness

On the receiving end of a random act of kindness today. Received an e-mail with a gift certificate to order photo prints from Snapfish. Such a thoughtful & kind thing from some really great friends of ours. I almost cried... it was so sweet & caught me off guard. How sweet is that to give me something that really hits home. Something that means so much to me, photos of my family. So thank you to my good shall remain anonymous @ least in this post. I however, will not forget.

So I get to order lots of prints, like the one above of little Sadie in the cute t-shirt Dylan brought her home from New York. Super excited about that! Makes me want to pass the kindness on as well. Do what I can, with what I have to make somebody's day.

P.S. Set a custom white balance on the shot above. Pretty pleased with it as the photos I was taking prior to the custom setting were coming up pretty bluish.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


So, I've been thinking a lot the past few days about music. Music that I love & music that has meant a lot to me. Everybody knows that I am a huge fan of music. I've gotten some "crap" for my choices in music through out my life. But I would not trade the teasing I got from my family about my Pearl Jam shirt years & years ago for the joy that I get from music & how great it feels to support talented people by buying their music (or wearing their t-shirt).

Over Christmas, Brooke asked me who my top 5 favorite musicians were. Sparklehorse was on that list. I truly think that Mark Linkous is a genius (that's him in the photo above). Every Sparklehorse album is great. Could listen to them over & over & over. Love that it can feel really raw & rootsy. Love the lyrics. Great stuff.

There is one song off of the Good Morning Spider album. The song is called Sunshine. There are lyrics in this song that I say to myself almost on a weekly basis. Even when I haven't listened to the album in forever. Here they are:

"there will come a time gigantic
waves will crush the junk that I have saved

when the moon explodes or floats away
I'll lose the souvenirs I made

la la la"

Personally it makes me think of all the "junk" & "souvenirs" that I have within me. Stuff I've saved or made up. Junk from relationships with the people in my life. Stuff that's rubbed me the wrong way. Things I hold on to when I really should let go of them. Junk I tell myself. Of how I'm not good enough, or not the way I'd like to be. Souvenirs I hold on to. Negative stuff. It's good for me sometimes to think of these lyrics....remind myself to let it go. Let a gigantic wave crush it all & just decide to be happy.

It's All About Baby

Sadie is really into her baby doll right now. Pushing her in the stroller, feeding her a bottle, wrapping her up in a blanket, hiding her under a blanket & then saying "where go?". It's really so cute. She wouldn't go down for her nap today without baby. It's cute how she has that little mommy in her young. Such a sweet girl.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

This One's About Me

So I did some scrapbooking last night. Not the projects I need to finish....but a page about me, with the "random facts" that I posted in this blog. It felt good. I needed to do something quick that I could complete before I get back to my other projects. It was great! I have everything here, within reach, in order. Good, good stuff. The only thing I don't have out here is my sewing machine. Not too hard to get back there and run a quick stitch across my page though.

A couple of things I realized last night...I love green! Used to be a sage color about 5 years ago. Now my favorite is lime! Also like a little grunge look. fonts, torn paper, jagged stitching. Happy to have a little bit of sparkles on my page w/ my little rhinestones. Fun!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New Scrap Space

So we did it! Dylan put the shelf up & I organized & moved everything out here. I love it! Makes me feel excited & inspired to play around & actually use all this stuff I own. Dylan likes it too. He says that he looks over at the shelf & it looks like me. Makes him smile I guess.

So tonight when Sadie goes to bed, I'll be working on some projects I need to finish. In the next few days I need to place a huge picture order. Haven't ordered prints in quite some time. Haven't really had the funds to do so. Excited to get in there and create some art. I need to remember how good it feels to use my hands. To make something out of nothing. To create.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Mr. Bubble

Sadie has a bubble bath every night. I ask her if she's ready for a bath. She says "ba!!! bubbohs!", starts taking her shirt off and walks towards the bathroom. While I run the bath water she goes right to the bottom drawer, opens it up and pulls out her pink Mr. Bubble bottle, saying "bubbohs" over & over. It's so cute. She had been using a different bubble bath, one we just had on hand, but it ran out last week. There were a couple nights where I just had to tell her "there are no bubbles". One night I went to work & Dylan was home giving her a bath. He said that he didn't have the heart to tell her there were no bubbles, so he put dish soap in her bath. He's funny...has such a soft spot for her. So I bought these Mr. Bubble bubbles and every time I pour them in the bath, the smell just takes me back somewhere....somewhere in my childhood. I don't particularly remember having this specific bubble bath but we must have, cause the smell is so familiar.

On another note, Sadie's skin is doing so much better. I make sure to only use bath stuff (soap & bubbles) that are gentle. I also started using Johnson's Soothing Naturals - Intense Moisture Creme. Her skin is SO soft. The redness & bumps go away as well. I can tell that they are not gone forever though. It's weird how this skin issue just happened all the sudden with her. I remember her always having really soft skin as a baby. Other moms would always comment about it.

Just something else to remember: People always comment that Sadie has such pretty eyes. We had our Ward Conference yesterday. Some ladies from the stake sat behind us in sacrament meeting. After the meeting they had to tell us how cute Sadie is & what a good girl she was. It was actually true too! Sadie did so well in sacrament yesterday. We didn't go out in the foyer until 1:30...when sacrament should have been over, but our stake president was still talking. I was so proud of her.

Dylan is off school today! Yay! We are planning on cleaning & organizing. We cancelled Dish Network, so no TV for us really anymore. We can only get a couple local channels and they are super blurry. Hoping to get a lot more productive things done without the temptation of the Food Network or TLC. Planning on moving all of my scrap stuff out here to the dining room. I want to become a scrap monster, just scrapbooking like crazy when Sadie goes to be at night. We'll see how it goes. Anyway, better get to work.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


So we went to Target today & I bought these super cute little fuscia & lime green mary jane socks/slippers. I think they're totally cool & super cute. Dylan was not loving them so much but let me get them as they were only $3.99. Anyway, we keep laughing about them because I think they're just the greatest thing (whoever came up with them is pretty clever) and Dylan thinks they are downright ugly. Luckily I can't leave the house in them, cause I probably would if I could. They are so soft! I had a real gnarly pair of J.Crew slippers when I met Dylan. They had a cork sole & I would always wear them out. He hated it!

My feet were freezing last night....they won't be tonight!!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Colder than Cold

Sadie & I went to Albertson's this morning for the big General Mills sale. I was wondering why the van was running a little sluggish. We drove by three different electric signs that flash the time and temperature. Each one flashed the temperature of -3 degrees. Crazy. It's windy on top of that too. Just plain cold. I was told by somebody that it's supposed to be -17 tomorrow. Was planning on doing a little bit of shopping with Dylan tomorrow before he starts work. Old Navy is having a baby sale & I thought we could get some spring clothes for Sadie. Maybe we will change our plans & just stay inside if it actually ends up being that cold.

So this sale at Albertson's. So much fun. We got cereal, cake mixes, frosting, brownies, fruit snacks, chex mix, popcorn...tons of stuff. All for super cheap. They were like 6 for $8, or 10 for $8, but I also had coupons that I printed from a few websites. It was a super deal. I love getting a great deal. Makes me feel good. The savings at the bottom of my receipt was $62, and I only spent $40.

Also got our tax refund today. Planning on paying some stuff off with that. Number one is my oral surgery, number two is the hospital bill we still have from Sadie. We also decided that we are going to buy a digital camcorder. I wasn't too big on this idea when Dylan first mentioned it. Figured we could take that money and either pay something off, or use it just to live on. But...everyday I wish I had a camcorder. Sadie is just so cute & funny & I'd love to have some video of her. As much as I love still photography, having her moving & talking is important. So we will have to start shopping around on that one. Want to get a good deal.

Happy that it's Friday. Feels like there is a million things to do. I had a busy week & really let things go with the house. But it was worth it. Went to my final cooking class w/ Amanda, Alice & Liliya. We went and ate at the Pineapple Grill afterwards. It is nice to get out with other girls, be silly & laugh. Proud of myself for going to the gym 4 times already this week. Took a break today, but thinking I might try to get one more workout in tomorrow. I like the feeling of slightly sore muscles. Makes me feel like I've been moving....makes me think that I'm not so lazy.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

If you had More Money...

I know that I've been posting a lot lately, but there's a lot I don;t want to forget. Just remembered this conversation I had with Dylan the other night. I had been looking on the Urban Outfitters website. Their clothes are expensive, at least I think. Anyway, I asked him..."If you had money, would you buy nicer clothes?"

He responded:

"Clothes, yeah I guess."
"But I know I'd buy a lot of books...and cd's...and toys...and comic books...and silk screening equipment...and I'd pay somebody to teach me how to silk screen."

I think he's such a cool guy.

Sadie Thoughts

She wakes up this morning happy as can be & full of energy. Wearing her Santa jammies in the middle of February. I'm looking at her this morning and she just looks so pretty, her little bit of hair swept to one side. Tried to take a photo so I could remember, but the photo doesn't really capture it. Not the best lighting. I'm on the computer & she comes and sits on my leg, ready to be bounced. I gave her a banana & some cereal for breakfast, but like the excellent mother that I am I sat down in front of her eating a cookie. I hear her say "kee kee" (cookie). So I hand her a little piece across the table, and she says "cue" (thank you). Luckily she ate it & went right back to her healthy breakfast, & I decided that maybe I should eat some toast instead of cookies for breakfast.

She's getting so big. Can't believe that she was only a little 5 month old baby this time last year. We play & read books & communicate so well now. We dance & sing & have snacks together. I love how she fits on my hip. How she comes to me (independent as she is) to help her, or to fix something, or to make her feel better when she gets hurt. Her laugh just gets me too. The best sound in the world. Seems like she cried SO MUCH as a baby. I don't know that I ever expected her to be so dang happy. I'm so thankful for her. There's nothing I'd rather be doing with my life. I love staying home & being her mom.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Separation Anxiety

We're having some separation anxiety issues with Sadie. Poor little thing. I went to a weightlifting class tonight & dropped her off at the gym daycare. Twenty minutes into the class they brought the poor, screaming little girl to me. I brought her home to Dylan & went back to finish off my class. When I got home she was asleep on Dylan's shoulder. He said that she had cried really hard for about thirty more minutes, saying "mama, mama" and then fell asleep. I'm not sure what we're going to do about this, but you can bet we're going to avoid the gym daycare if at all possible. Hoping this problem doesn't happen in the church nursery. Been SO looking forward to her being in nursery.

I loved this photo of Dylan & Sadie in the elevator tonight up at the campus. Sadie is about to push the "sound alarm" button. Typical.

I think I put three pairs of socks on her today. She takes her shoes & socks off any chance she gets & then tickles her own feet. Each time we left the house I couldn't find the pair she'd had on earlier. She also has this new thing where she'll stick her foot in the dog's water bowl. She comes walking out of the dining room with her pants wet halfway up to her knee. She also undresses herself for her bath & wants to help rub the lotion on afterwards. I have to squirt some in her hand first. She says "bite" when she wants you to give her a bite of whatever food you have.

Family Home Evening

Tonight for family home evening we went over to BYU-I to see some of Dylan's work on display. One was his modular calendar that he did for a project in his advanced typography class. Always so proud of him when his work gets chosen to be displayed, means he's one of the top performers. Glad when his hard work pays off for him. The other is a poster that he did at his design job with the Activities Dept. It's for ice skating. Totally funky & cool. Dyl was pretty shocked when they actually accepted his design. I love that I can always see him (his style) when I see his work. After that we went over to the DQ for some blizzards. yum. Probably sounds insane to you Las Vegas people, but we did go get ice cream in 23 degree weather.

So we didn't have a formal lesson tonight, but it was good to drop everything and go out together - spend some time together as a family. I can say that a good time was had by all.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


I have not been taking many photos lately. Have not been very motivated to do so. Been in a rut. I get discouraged when my photos don't turn out as well as I think they should. I know that I am just being too hard on myself, because I still have a ton to learn about photography. Thanks to Huston & Lilia for the book they gave me for Christmas & to Heather for directing me to a blog about our camera. I am trying to get myself going. I'm giving myself an assignment. Tomorrow I will try to take interesting shots of Dylan's birthday celebration (hope to post a few here). And when I find a little time I will try to practice setting a custom white balance.

Makeup Night

I think the highlight of my Vegas trip was our makeup night with the girls. Amber got Jen Rose to come do our makeup & I learned a ton. I've always been a dummy about makeup. So now I'm super excited about eyeliner, eyeshadow & even lip gloss! I still have to practice a little, but it will be so fun to be able to pull myself together & look really nice for special occasions. Thanks Amber! It was so fun. Here's a photo of all us girls done up. Brooke, Caitlin, Mom, Heather & Me & a photo of Amber & Jen. I'm glad Mom joined in even though she got there at the end. Girls are funny when we get together. We're giggly.

Other fun things about the trip:

-Got to see Chanel. She came over to Mom's house & brought In-N-Out burger for lunch. We had a good time talking while our kids played. She looks great, Julia is so sweet, cute & full of energy & Lauren is just a cute little snuggle bum. Every time I'm around Chanel I wish we lived closer. She's such a great friend & we have a lot of history together. Would be so great to just be able call her up & say...let's go for a walk!

-Going to Costco w/ my Mom was fun. Why is Costco so fun? Going to Old Navy w/ Brooke. Going to Cost Plus w/ Stacey & Shannon. I love to go shopping, even though I never buy anything.

-Sadie connected with everybody so well. Both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins. Everybody got to see her spunky little personality.

-Just being able to relax & visit with everybody. It was hard to be without Dylan, but great to be around all the other people in my life that love me. Thanks everybody.

& thanks for the Chocolate Torte Mom, still thinking about that one.

Today is Dylan's Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN!!! He's 29 today. We pick him up at the school tonight, poor guy will be traveling all day on an airplane & bus. So excited to be back together as a family. I know Sadie has missed him a lot.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Getting Ready for New York (& Vegas)

He's getting his hair cut, buying travel size shampoo & a phone card, marking up his New York travel book, and asking me how I'd feel about living in New York. He's getting ready... to go to the coolest city in the world. He's getting excited, & I'm so excited for him, but I'm also starting to get very sad. Dylan & I have been married for almost 6 years (will be 6 yrs. this May), and we've never been apart for this long. Which is why I need a distraction, my trip to Vegas. I know it'll help, but I'll still miss him terribly. Not really looking forward to saying goodbye to him this Sunday night.

When we first got married, I didn't even want to go to the grocery store without him. I always wanted him with me. We were (& I think still are) very dependent on each other. It's changed a bit just because life is so different & busy, but last night Dylan told me that it will feel like a whole chunk, or piece of him will be missing while he's away in New York. I will feel the same. Excited though to see friends & family. I'm always happy to see my Momma, and my sisters & my friends. I have such a big support system back in Vegas. Always cry (a lot!!!) when I have to say goodbye to my family, no matter how ready I am to get back home to my normal life. I love my family, wish I could be around them every day.

So, on another note....Since I've had Sadie I haven't been listening to as much music. Not as much "rocking out" going on around the house. It's been replaced by the Disney Channel TV. So after my workout this morning, Sadie & I came home & cranked up the music. We listed to The Postal Service cd & danced while we ate a snack. We do listen to music a lot & Sadie loves it! But today we totally rocked out! It was fun. And now, because we played, I have not taken a shower yet. I have kids coming to be babysat & I am still in my workout clothes, without a shower. I could care less too, cause I had such a good time with my Sadie girl.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Busy & Tired

Seems like we've just been so busy around here lately, but I always feel this way at month end when I have to work at Melaleuca. I worked 8 hours on Saturday, longest I've worked in a long time. Then worked Monday night until 10pm & Tuesday night until midnight. I always feel like I'm running just a little bit behind when I work. There are household duties that just don't get done. This time it's grocery shopping. Has to be done tomorrow! Menu planning always seems like a hassle.

Dylan has been very busy this semester. He is taking quite a few classes & works on campus designing posters for the activities department. Most days he leaves at 8am & gets home around 3pm. In the evenings he works at the GAP still. It doesn't always leave him a lot of time to do his homework. Last night he stayed up all night. Did not come to bed at all. He ended up calling in sick to the GAP tonight and has been in bed since 4:00 this afternoon.

Sadie is such a talker these days. Not really saying many phrases yet but tons of words. She fell & bonked her head the other day. While I was loving on her to help her stop crying I said, "oh, did you bonk your head? That's no good." In her crying voice she said back to me, "no good." She's starting to like her books more & will actually let me read them to her. She used to get mad at me if I tried to turn the pages. She's gotta be the one in control. (I have no idea where she gets that from) She got this little red velvet hat & purse for Christmas from Meg & Annie Stoddard. Today she dug both out from the bottom of the toy bucket & was wearing them. She had to come over to me and tell me "hat" while pointing to her head & "purse" while holding up her arm w/ the purse on it. I also let her eat a milkyway chocolate today. Little girl has already got a pretty insane sweet tooth, all because of me, I know. Tonight was left overs for dinner (because I've needed to go grocery shopping for some time now). I gave Sadie a little microwaveable toddler meal. It was chicken & broccoli w/ cheese sauce. I undressed her, gave her a spoon & let her go at it. She actually used the spoon pretty well. She felt large & in charge and ate the whole thing! Way cool! She did still manage to make a huge mess though.

I took a class at the gym tonight. A weightlifting class where you do a bunch of reps & it works your whole body. It's pretty intense. I took the class last Wednesday and was just getting over feeling sore a few days ago. Decided to go again tonight though & I can already feel a huge difference. I don't feel as wobbly or sore. I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow, but I'm proud of myself. I feel good, and maybe a little stronger.

Tomorrow night I am going to a continuing ed class at BYU-I with a few of my friends. It's a decorative desserts class and I think it will be a lot of fun. Excited to get out & do something new.

5 Random Facts

1. I love getting the mail. I love magazines, catalogs & any other fun surprises. I get bummed when there is nothing "good" in the mail.
2. I have to have dessert or something sweet almost immediately after I eat dinner.
3. I have horrible posture. I slouch & hunch my back. I think this comes from a lack of confidence. Feeling like I was too tall in junior high, once I got boobs not wanting to feel like I was sticking them out, etc.
4. To me a blanket = comfort. I love blankets. Cuddling up in one to watch a movie or when I'm sick. Also have to sleep with the blanket on & tucked under my chin.
5. I don't know how to snap my fingers.
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