Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Busy & Tired

Seems like we've just been so busy around here lately, but I always feel this way at month end when I have to work at Melaleuca. I worked 8 hours on Saturday, longest I've worked in a long time. Then worked Monday night until 10pm & Tuesday night until midnight. I always feel like I'm running just a little bit behind when I work. There are household duties that just don't get done. This time it's grocery shopping. Has to be done tomorrow! Menu planning always seems like a hassle.

Dylan has been very busy this semester. He is taking quite a few classes & works on campus designing posters for the activities department. Most days he leaves at 8am & gets home around 3pm. In the evenings he works at the GAP still. It doesn't always leave him a lot of time to do his homework. Last night he stayed up all night. Did not come to bed at all. He ended up calling in sick to the GAP tonight and has been in bed since 4:00 this afternoon.

Sadie is such a talker these days. Not really saying many phrases yet but tons of words. She fell & bonked her head the other day. While I was loving on her to help her stop crying I said, "oh, did you bonk your head? That's no good." In her crying voice she said back to me, "no good." She's starting to like her books more & will actually let me read them to her. She used to get mad at me if I tried to turn the pages. She's gotta be the one in control. (I have no idea where she gets that from) She got this little red velvet hat & purse for Christmas from Meg & Annie Stoddard. Today she dug both out from the bottom of the toy bucket & was wearing them. She had to come over to me and tell me "hat" while pointing to her head & "purse" while holding up her arm w/ the purse on it. I also let her eat a milkyway chocolate today. Little girl has already got a pretty insane sweet tooth, all because of me, I know. Tonight was left overs for dinner (because I've needed to go grocery shopping for some time now). I gave Sadie a little microwaveable toddler meal. It was chicken & broccoli w/ cheese sauce. I undressed her, gave her a spoon & let her go at it. She actually used the spoon pretty well. She felt large & in charge and ate the whole thing! Way cool! She did still manage to make a huge mess though.

I took a class at the gym tonight. A weightlifting class where you do a bunch of reps & it works your whole body. It's pretty intense. I took the class last Wednesday and was just getting over feeling sore a few days ago. Decided to go again tonight though & I can already feel a huge difference. I don't feel as wobbly or sore. I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow, but I'm proud of myself. I feel good, and maybe a little stronger.

Tomorrow night I am going to a continuing ed class at BYU-I with a few of my friends. It's a decorative desserts class and I think it will be a lot of fun. Excited to get out & do something new.

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