Friday, February 17, 2006

Colder than Cold

Sadie & I went to Albertson's this morning for the big General Mills sale. I was wondering why the van was running a little sluggish. We drove by three different electric signs that flash the time and temperature. Each one flashed the temperature of -3 degrees. Crazy. It's windy on top of that too. Just plain cold. I was told by somebody that it's supposed to be -17 tomorrow. Was planning on doing a little bit of shopping with Dylan tomorrow before he starts work. Old Navy is having a baby sale & I thought we could get some spring clothes for Sadie. Maybe we will change our plans & just stay inside if it actually ends up being that cold.

So this sale at Albertson's. So much fun. We got cereal, cake mixes, frosting, brownies, fruit snacks, chex mix, popcorn...tons of stuff. All for super cheap. They were like 6 for $8, or 10 for $8, but I also had coupons that I printed from a few websites. It was a super deal. I love getting a great deal. Makes me feel good. The savings at the bottom of my receipt was $62, and I only spent $40.

Also got our tax refund today. Planning on paying some stuff off with that. Number one is my oral surgery, number two is the hospital bill we still have from Sadie. We also decided that we are going to buy a digital camcorder. I wasn't too big on this idea when Dylan first mentioned it. Figured we could take that money and either pay something off, or use it just to live on. But...everyday I wish I had a camcorder. Sadie is just so cute & funny & I'd love to have some video of her. As much as I love still photography, having her moving & talking is important. So we will have to start shopping around on that one. Want to get a good deal.

Happy that it's Friday. Feels like there is a million things to do. I had a busy week & really let things go with the house. But it was worth it. Went to my final cooking class w/ Amanda, Alice & Liliya. We went and ate at the Pineapple Grill afterwards. It is nice to get out with other girls, be silly & laugh. Proud of myself for going to the gym 4 times already this week. Took a break today, but thinking I might try to get one more workout in tomorrow. I like the feeling of slightly sore muscles. Makes me feel like I've been moving....makes me think that I'm not so lazy.

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