Friday, February 03, 2006

Getting Ready for New York (& Vegas)

He's getting his hair cut, buying travel size shampoo & a phone card, marking up his New York travel book, and asking me how I'd feel about living in New York. He's getting ready... to go to the coolest city in the world. He's getting excited, & I'm so excited for him, but I'm also starting to get very sad. Dylan & I have been married for almost 6 years (will be 6 yrs. this May), and we've never been apart for this long. Which is why I need a distraction, my trip to Vegas. I know it'll help, but I'll still miss him terribly. Not really looking forward to saying goodbye to him this Sunday night.

When we first got married, I didn't even want to go to the grocery store without him. I always wanted him with me. We were (& I think still are) very dependent on each other. It's changed a bit just because life is so different & busy, but last night Dylan told me that it will feel like a whole chunk, or piece of him will be missing while he's away in New York. I will feel the same. Excited though to see friends & family. I'm always happy to see my Momma, and my sisters & my friends. I have such a big support system back in Vegas. Always cry (a lot!!!) when I have to say goodbye to my family, no matter how ready I am to get back home to my normal life. I love my family, wish I could be around them every day.

So, on another note....Since I've had Sadie I haven't been listening to as much music. Not as much "rocking out" going on around the house. It's been replaced by the Disney Channel TV. So after my workout this morning, Sadie & I came home & cranked up the music. We listed to The Postal Service cd & danced while we ate a snack. We do listen to music a lot & Sadie loves it! But today we totally rocked out! It was fun. And now, because we played, I have not taken a shower yet. I have kids coming to be babysat & I am still in my workout clothes, without a shower. I could care less too, cause I had such a good time with my Sadie girl.

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