Monday, February 27, 2006

Ice Everywhere

I have to post photos on almost every entry. I'm such a visual person. Here are a couple of the view right outside our front door. Ice everywhere. Dylan has done a good job of clearing off the ice right in front of our door. This shot of the ice on the stair landing is in front of our neighbors door. Nobody is living there right now. It gets warm enough during the day to melt the snow from the roof, but since we never get direct sun in the front of the apartment, it all lands there & then freezes again. Fun stuff. Been noticing that people aren't wearing their big coats since it's been a little warmer. 35 degrees & no wind is pretty dang warm to us I guess.

Dylan had to work yesterday for a few hours so Sadie & I went to church by ourselves. She was a little angel. I know that I've rarely said that about my little active, independent, no boundaries girl, but she was great! We stayed in sacrament the whole time, with no meltdowns. She did try to leave the row a few times, but didn't get all upset when I pulled her back in. Then I was substituting a primary class, so I took her to nursery (even though she's not officially in there for a couple more weeks). She stayed there the whole time & was happy as can be. no crying! The leaders said she was really good. Everything was going well. I was so happy. Having a good day....

Then I locked the keys & Sadie in the van. Luckily the person that walked by just then & I asked to stand w/ Sadie so I could call a locksmith was Bro. Sessions. He is pretty skilled & getting into cars w/ a coat hanger. He ran home to get a coat hanger & then it took him a while (about 20 minutes) to get it unlocked. But we were so thankful. I guess it's a pretty fair trade off for watching their little boy Andrew every Friday for this whole semester. Glad he was there to help me in a moment of crisis.

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