Saturday, February 11, 2006

Makeup Night

I think the highlight of my Vegas trip was our makeup night with the girls. Amber got Jen Rose to come do our makeup & I learned a ton. I've always been a dummy about makeup. So now I'm super excited about eyeliner, eyeshadow & even lip gloss! I still have to practice a little, but it will be so fun to be able to pull myself together & look really nice for special occasions. Thanks Amber! It was so fun. Here's a photo of all us girls done up. Brooke, Caitlin, Mom, Heather & Me & a photo of Amber & Jen. I'm glad Mom joined in even though she got there at the end. Girls are funny when we get together. We're giggly.

Other fun things about the trip:

-Got to see Chanel. She came over to Mom's house & brought In-N-Out burger for lunch. We had a good time talking while our kids played. She looks great, Julia is so sweet, cute & full of energy & Lauren is just a cute little snuggle bum. Every time I'm around Chanel I wish we lived closer. She's such a great friend & we have a lot of history together. Would be so great to just be able call her up & say...let's go for a walk!

-Going to Costco w/ my Mom was fun. Why is Costco so fun? Going to Old Navy w/ Brooke. Going to Cost Plus w/ Stacey & Shannon. I love to go shopping, even though I never buy anything.

-Sadie connected with everybody so well. Both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins. Everybody got to see her spunky little personality.

-Just being able to relax & visit with everybody. It was hard to be without Dylan, but great to be around all the other people in my life that love me. Thanks everybody.

& thanks for the Chocolate Torte Mom, still thinking about that one.

Today is Dylan's Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN!!! He's 29 today. We pick him up at the school tonight, poor guy will be traveling all day on an airplane & bus. So excited to be back together as a family. I know Sadie has missed him a lot.

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