Monday, February 20, 2006

Mr. Bubble

Sadie has a bubble bath every night. I ask her if she's ready for a bath. She says "ba!!! bubbohs!", starts taking her shirt off and walks towards the bathroom. While I run the bath water she goes right to the bottom drawer, opens it up and pulls out her pink Mr. Bubble bottle, saying "bubbohs" over & over. It's so cute. She had been using a different bubble bath, one we just had on hand, but it ran out last week. There were a couple nights where I just had to tell her "there are no bubbles". One night I went to work & Dylan was home giving her a bath. He said that he didn't have the heart to tell her there were no bubbles, so he put dish soap in her bath. He's funny...has such a soft spot for her. So I bought these Mr. Bubble bubbles and every time I pour them in the bath, the smell just takes me back somewhere....somewhere in my childhood. I don't particularly remember having this specific bubble bath but we must have, cause the smell is so familiar.

On another note, Sadie's skin is doing so much better. I make sure to only use bath stuff (soap & bubbles) that are gentle. I also started using Johnson's Soothing Naturals - Intense Moisture Creme. Her skin is SO soft. The redness & bumps go away as well. I can tell that they are not gone forever though. It's weird how this skin issue just happened all the sudden with her. I remember her always having really soft skin as a baby. Other moms would always comment about it.

Just something else to remember: People always comment that Sadie has such pretty eyes. We had our Ward Conference yesterday. Some ladies from the stake sat behind us in sacrament meeting. After the meeting they had to tell us how cute Sadie is & what a good girl she was. It was actually true too! Sadie did so well in sacrament yesterday. We didn't go out in the foyer until 1:30...when sacrament should have been over, but our stake president was still talking. I was so proud of her.

Dylan is off school today! Yay! We are planning on cleaning & organizing. We cancelled Dish Network, so no TV for us really anymore. We can only get a couple local channels and they are super blurry. Hoping to get a lot more productive things done without the temptation of the Food Network or TLC. Planning on moving all of my scrap stuff out here to the dining room. I want to become a scrap monster, just scrapbooking like crazy when Sadie goes to be at night. We'll see how it goes. Anyway, better get to work.

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