Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sadie Thoughts

She wakes up this morning happy as can be & full of energy. Wearing her Santa jammies in the middle of February. I'm looking at her this morning and she just looks so pretty, her little bit of hair swept to one side. Tried to take a photo so I could remember, but the photo doesn't really capture it. Not the best lighting. I'm on the computer & she comes and sits on my leg, ready to be bounced. I gave her a banana & some cereal for breakfast, but like the excellent mother that I am I sat down in front of her eating a cookie. I hear her say "kee kee" (cookie). So I hand her a little piece across the table, and she says "cue" (thank you). Luckily she ate it & went right back to her healthy breakfast, & I decided that maybe I should eat some toast instead of cookies for breakfast.

She's getting so big. Can't believe that she was only a little 5 month old baby this time last year. We play & read books & communicate so well now. We dance & sing & have snacks together. I love how she fits on my hip. How she comes to me (independent as she is) to help her, or to fix something, or to make her feel better when she gets hurt. Her laugh just gets me too. The best sound in the world. Seems like she cried SO MUCH as a baby. I don't know that I ever expected her to be so dang happy. I'm so thankful for her. There's nothing I'd rather be doing with my life. I love staying home & being her mom.

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chanel said...

How come no body comments? Am I not really supposed to? I heard on NPR a story about blogging and this lady sadi she lives for her comments....?

But you make me cry when I read your entry! Today's was sosweet and I KNOW exactly how you feel! Not just about eating cookies for breakfast either!! :) The love and content and how pictures don't do the cuteness justice!!

I love you so much!!!!

Glad to see Dylan's work was choosen- its way cool!!! You guys are so adorable! And yes DQ in Feb/Idaho is CRAZY!!!!


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