Monday, February 13, 2006

Separation Anxiety

We're having some separation anxiety issues with Sadie. Poor little thing. I went to a weightlifting class tonight & dropped her off at the gym daycare. Twenty minutes into the class they brought the poor, screaming little girl to me. I brought her home to Dylan & went back to finish off my class. When I got home she was asleep on Dylan's shoulder. He said that she had cried really hard for about thirty more minutes, saying "mama, mama" and then fell asleep. I'm not sure what we're going to do about this, but you can bet we're going to avoid the gym daycare if at all possible. Hoping this problem doesn't happen in the church nursery. Been SO looking forward to her being in nursery.

I loved this photo of Dylan & Sadie in the elevator tonight up at the campus. Sadie is about to push the "sound alarm" button. Typical.

I think I put three pairs of socks on her today. She takes her shoes & socks off any chance she gets & then tickles her own feet. Each time we left the house I couldn't find the pair she'd had on earlier. She also has this new thing where she'll stick her foot in the dog's water bowl. She comes walking out of the dining room with her pants wet halfway up to her knee. She also undresses herself for her bath & wants to help rub the lotion on afterwards. I have to squirt some in her hand first. She says "bite" when she wants you to give her a bite of whatever food you have.

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