Saturday, February 18, 2006


So we went to Target today & I bought these super cute little fuscia & lime green mary jane socks/slippers. I think they're totally cool & super cute. Dylan was not loving them so much but let me get them as they were only $3.99. Anyway, we keep laughing about them because I think they're just the greatest thing (whoever came up with them is pretty clever) and Dylan thinks they are downright ugly. Luckily I can't leave the house in them, cause I probably would if I could. They are so soft! I had a real gnarly pair of J.Crew slippers when I met Dylan. They had a cork sole & I would always wear them out. He hated it!

My feet were freezing last night....they won't be tonight!!!

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Amber said...

How cute! I love those slippers!

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