Thursday, February 23, 2006


So, I've been thinking a lot the past few days about music. Music that I love & music that has meant a lot to me. Everybody knows that I am a huge fan of music. I've gotten some "crap" for my choices in music through out my life. But I would not trade the teasing I got from my family about my Pearl Jam shirt years & years ago for the joy that I get from music & how great it feels to support talented people by buying their music (or wearing their t-shirt).

Over Christmas, Brooke asked me who my top 5 favorite musicians were. Sparklehorse was on that list. I truly think that Mark Linkous is a genius (that's him in the photo above). Every Sparklehorse album is great. Could listen to them over & over & over. Love that it can feel really raw & rootsy. Love the lyrics. Great stuff.

There is one song off of the Good Morning Spider album. The song is called Sunshine. There are lyrics in this song that I say to myself almost on a weekly basis. Even when I haven't listened to the album in forever. Here they are:

"there will come a time gigantic
waves will crush the junk that I have saved

when the moon explodes or floats away
I'll lose the souvenirs I made

la la la"

Personally it makes me think of all the "junk" & "souvenirs" that I have within me. Stuff I've saved or made up. Junk from relationships with the people in my life. Stuff that's rubbed me the wrong way. Things I hold on to when I really should let go of them. Junk I tell myself. Of how I'm not good enough, or not the way I'd like to be. Souvenirs I hold on to. Negative stuff. It's good for me sometimes to think of these lyrics....remind myself to let it go. Let a gigantic wave crush it all & just decide to be happy.

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