Saturday, March 04, 2006

Funny Girl

We went down to Idaho Falls with Dylan yesterday before he started work. He went with us to Old Navy to get Sadie a pair of jeans on sale. When he started work, Sadie & I went over to Target to do a little shopping. She had been eating quite a few snacks & was being a pretty good girl. It was close to dinner time but I thought that she'd be alright if we stopped in at the scrapbooking store. She did okay for a little bit in their little play area, but then kept coming out & pulling the paper off the racks. I let her hold my basket, but when she started swinging it around I took it away from her. She had a major breakdown...crying so hard. So I just left my basket full of stuff & took her to the car. We drove over to McDonalds & got her a happy meal. She was so happy with her toy & her hamburger.

Just decided to call it a day down there & started to drive back home. She finished up her food, played with her toy for a little bit & then fell asleep. She was out. When we got home, I brought her in the house & put her on the couch. Tried to get her up to take a bath, but she was knocked out. Finally decided to change her diaper & put her pj's on. If she stayed asleep through all of that, I'd let her go to bed a 7pm. She woke up during the diaper change & sat up, happy as could be. Got her pj's on and she went right back to playing with her happy meal toy. She went down to bed at about 8:30pm. Just a little after her regular time. Funny girl.

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