Friday, March 03, 2006

Happy Friday!

Well, It's Friday, thank goodness. Had a busy but good week. Got up this morning, went to the gym, came home & showered instead of getting back in bed. Crazy how much more you get done when you get ready for the day early. Ran a few errands with Sadie, went to the grocery store & the bank, swept the kitchen floor, folded laundry, did dishes, made Dylan eggs & toast. Feels good. Now I've got the two kids I babysit over...they are playing quietly while Sadie sleeps. Not sure if they'll be able to go down when she wakes up. She tends to make a lot of noise.

Had a fun date with Dylan the other night. We just went to dinner & then for some ice cream. Great time. Dylan sang & danced in public (while we were waiting in line for ice cream). Used to humiliate me when we first started dating. Now I love it. I think it's hilarious to see people's reactions. Sadie did well with the sitter. We left her with a newlywed couple that I work with at Melaleuca. They have been begging me to leave her with them forever. Just couldn't get our schedules to work out until now. They enjoyed her & Sadie liked them too. Had to give them a "tis" (kiss) before we left. They were impressed with how many words she could say. Funny that she had a poopy diaper when we got back. They said she had just gone & they didn't really want to deal with it. I didn't mind...things like that are really gross when it's not your kid.

She bumped her head this morning. Came to me for a love. I gave her a hug & rubbed her back. She looked up at me and said "tis" & pointed to her head...guess I forgot to kiss it better.

She pretends to sleep. Kinda squints her eyes & scrunches her nose & makes little snoring sounds. Does this all the time @ home & did it in her car seat the other day.

Went to Porter's with Dylan & Sadie to buy a corner rounder paper punch. Have never had one of these & I was really wanting one. Feeling the need to scrapbook now that I have a new tool. Maybe tonight while Dylan is at work. Found some chocolate covered marshmallow eggs at the bulk candy counter at Porters. Dylan wanted some...thought they'd be gross. I was wrong, they were so yummy & so sweet. Sounds silly but little things like that make me happy. Sharing candy with my husband.

Most of our Saturday will be open tomorrow. Dylan doesn't go to work until the evening. I really want to do something fun with the family, but I don't want to spend money. Hopefully we can figure something out. Anyway, happy it's the weekend.

Oh yeah! Ordered our camcorder. Found a pretty sweet deal. Good price. Free shipping. Free camcorder bag. So it should be arriving next week. Excited to get little Miss Sadie on video, talking it up.

And here is a photo of Sadie with bedhead. Pretty cool that she has enough hair to get bedhead.

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