Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I Love My Family

Just a photo of the family from a week or so ago, all together on the couch, under a blanket, reading books. Sadie is funny right now. She can't miss out on any cuddling. If Dylan & I are laying on the couch together she has to climb right up & get in the middle of us. If we hug each other, she's at our legs, pushing us apart so that we'll pick her up & she can be in the middle of the hug. It's really sweet. I have noticed that generally she is happiest when we're all together...& I am too.

I worked on Saturday & the past two nights. Happy to have that over with for now. I do enjoy work a lot more because I've made a lot of friends. Happy to be home though. Grateful to Dylan for taking care of Sadie & doing such a good job at it. So cute that he has to give her a treat each oreo cookie & some milk. It's things like that that are just so sweet. Glad that those two can have their own thing going, their own connections, without me in the middle of it. Sadie is particularly rough when she plays with Dylan. She just gets so excited, climbs all over him, slides down him & says "weee". Very cute. But very rough on Dylan.

We've been getting rain & I love it. To me it means that we're moving into spring. I'm sure we'll get more snow...but right now the rain is making me happy. I've always loved the rain, I think because I grew up in a desert. Excited for spring. Looking forward to being outside, taking walks to the park, going to the zoo. Gonna be a lot of fun with Sadie this year.

Found a babysitter for tonight, so Dylan & I will be going out on a date. Super excited about this. Love going out on our own. Talking & being silly. One of my absolute most favorite things is laughing with my husband. He can make me laugh like none other. And he makes me laugh at myself as well. So fun.

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