Thursday, March 23, 2006

It's Sunny Outside!!!!

Sunny & 45 degrees! It's gorgeous. I think we might try to talk Dylan into going on a walk with us this afternoon.

Not too much to report. We are watching LOST tonight!!! (We're always a day late because we download it from iTunes) So excited about that! I think we're going to have hamburgers for dinner. So yummy for a warm day.

Wanted to post a few pictures. Sadie eating her Fruit Loop necklace. She calls Fruit Loops "doops".

And one of her hair in the back. It's starting to really come in. I love the baby wave/curl that it has.

It's that time again when Sadie doesn't fit in any of her clothes. She needs a whole new wardrobe. New shoes & all. We've been getting stuff here & there, so I think she'll be all set up here soon. Still wearing her high-water pants though, until it's warm enough to wear her new capris.

Oh! Also! I just read Amber's blog. So excited for her & her decision to stop working. Even though she's been working from home, it's still stressful. So cool that she's taking that leap of faith. I know her family will be taken care of & she'll have more time & energy to spend with her boys. So cool Amber!

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