Monday, March 20, 2006

Live in the Now & Love It

It was cool to see Dylan's poster for the Hysterics hanging in store windows up & down Main Street. I had to take a picture. We're used to seeing his stuff up on campus....really neat to see it out in the community. Super cool.

I got a big order of photos from Snapfish! It's giving me the scrapbooking bug. I did these quick pages for a book I'm doing for Sadie. I had an idea to do this, but stole the 3 ring binder idea from Brooke. I'm doing photos of all of the extended family, so Sadie can get better at names. This spread is of all of Dylan's siblings. Sadie is really good at saying "Shannon" right now.

Sadie got sick on Saturday. I thought she was just being extra cuddly when she got up from her nap...& then she exploded with chunky throw up all over me. Poor thing. This is the stuff I'd always think about moms, before I became do they just deal w/ the yucky stuff. Just get in & do it. I never really understood this. It is gross, but you just do it cause you love your child.

It was a hard day for me. So sad to see her crying & know she was really in pain. Or to hear her say "owie" after she'd throw up. I'm so happy that she's doing better.

There was a moment that night, when Dylan & I were having an argument....& realizing that we're both burned out....him on being a on being a mom...both of us on being poor, & on the cold weather. It was 11:00pm. In the middle of this argument we were having...Sadie started throwing up in her crib. I rushed in to take care of her....put her in the bath...& Dylan changed her bedding & started a load of laundry. Sadie's hair was wet, so Dylan blow dried it while I held her...she laughed at it....and we all laughed. We sat on the bed & hugged each other & then all laid down & went to sleep in our bed. It was so beautiful....A nasty throw up situation to deal with...but a realization that my family is so close & happy...& it's so easy to let Satan in. To let us think that things suck, basically. When actually the life that we have is so beautiful. I don't want to let myself think....."when things are better. When Dylan gets a job...." Live in the now & Love it!

It's hard to explain the tingly, peaceful feeling I had that night....where basically I knew that my Heavenly Father is aware of me & my little family. We're not alone.

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