Friday, March 24, 2006

My Helper

Or "hepper" as Sadie says. She is so into being my helper right now. She helps me put the laundry in the washing machine (I hold her on my hip), she helps me put the laundry into the dryer, she pushes buttons on the microwave & the stereo, she helps me fold the towels....she takes all the rags & lays them flat on top of each other. Whenever I'm doing any cleaning with a rag, she has to go get one of her own out of the drawer & help me wipe the table, or dust. Today it was spot cleaning the carpet. She goes to the cabinet under the sink & I have to get out a cleaner spray bottle. I make a spraying sound effect & pretend to squirt cleaner on her rag. She makes the sound effect too & off she goes to clean.

I'm thinking that we'll get her this toy vacuum cleaner for her birthday. She was pretty into it at the store & she thinks our real vacuum is pretty cool. I know her birthday is a ways off but....just thinking ahead.

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Haley said...

Yeah, I think getting her that toy would really be great for her because I know with the two kids that I'm babysitting now, instead of the 4 that I did before, they have that same vacuum, but either ben(5) or rebekah(2 1/2) play with it very much, but for her and the age that she's @ now, I think she would really like it.

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