Monday, March 27, 2006

New Haircut

This afternoon I got my hair done. More blonde highlights & I had her cut off my flippies. It's pretty short now, but I love it! I tried to take a picture of it & this is the best I got:

Looking at that photo reminds skin is so horrible right now! It's like teenage oilwell skin. It sucks & I'm sick of it. Oh well.

And here is one of my out takes. Got a little goofy....because taking photos of yourself can sometimes do that to you. I think this is so creepy how my eye is cut off on the left. ewwww. Funny stuff.


Dylan said...

Candace! I love you! You're gorgeous and you crack me up! That is all. Yr boyfriend - dyl.

chanel said...

You are sooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
I want to know how to cut my hair like you!!!!!

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