Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Right Now Sadie is Loving...

*Oatmeal w/ brown sugar or toast w/ butter for breakfast.

*Puzzles...she's so good at them too...such a smarty.

*Books. She's started to act like she's reading the words out loud.

*Coloring!!! This is a big one! She's constantly asking for paper. I bought her a Hello Kitty coloring book at the dollar store today. She's going to town on it right now. I've noticed that she does actually try to color whatever is printed on the page. She's learned not to color on the table as well. I asked her to smile in this photo....this is the face she made. funny.

*Walking. Whenever we're away from home she wants to walk. The minute the car stops she says "walk". She wants to walk through the parking lot into stores, the whole time we're in the store (shopping carts are a nightmare now), & back out to the car. She does a good job of holding our hands. She also has to walk up & down the stairs to our apartment. Again she does a good job with holding our hands on the stairs.

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