Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thoughts---warning: somewhat depressing

-Been feeling pretty "blah" the past couple days. Trying to get out of this funk. Wanted to do something to feel better. Thought about going shopping for spring clothes or for scrapbooking supplies. Not wanting to spend ANY money. Not wanting to even use gas to drive down to Idaho Falls. We went to Walmart here in town about 4 times this week. Not cool.

-Will spring ever come? Wanting so bad to be able to go to the park, or out for walks. Winter is dragging on just a little too long.

-Tried to scrapbook last night. Just wasn't feeling it. Got all my stuff out, just to put it right back up again.

-Pretty depressing post. Things are not that bad. Just don't have the energy to deal right now.

-Read through all my blog entries last night. Pretty interesting. Some stuff there that I'd already forgotten about. Isn't journaling great!?

-Went to a meeting at work earlier this week. Had to listen to the company owner in a speech he gave to the marketing executives. He asked whether they felt they had a great life or just a good life. I personally thought it was all a bunch of bologna. A "great" life = success? How do you measure success? It's so individual. Thought about my life right now. Good? or great? It's all about attitude & making the most with what you're given. I think my life is great. How could it not be when I have Dylan & Sadie in it? Sure I'd like to have enough money to cover the bills each month....but you's all good....or should I say great.

-Looking forward to tomorrow. Going to church with my family & then spending time together at home.

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Amber said...

You're life is GREAT because of the person you are. You are such an inspriration to me & I look up to you. I love you!!

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