Friday, March 17, 2006

Where do I start....

We all got sick on Tuesday. It was not pretty. I had a crummy morning but felt better after our big family nap. Dylan took a little longer. He got the worst of it. Poor guy. I made some chicken noodle soup that night & it made us all a little happier.

Sadie has been so very extremely whiny. Been trying to figure it all out. Is it a stage? Is she not feeling well? She communicates her wants & needs very well. I understand when she says "juice" but then she has to make a big dramatic show in the 30 seconds it takes for me to get it for her. Is she that impatient? She doesn't like those things she has to do because she's a kid. Get in her car seat, sit in a shopping cart, have mommy help her brush her teeth, or undress her for a bath. She wants to do everything on her own. She's big. She's no different than mom & dad, right?

We've had a couple really bad days with her. Dylan & I have both had moments where we've just lost it. The constant.....& I mean constant whining just makes your brain go berserk. Trying so hard to keep our cool. To be patient. To give her a calm environment & maybe she'll in turn be a little more calm. I'm also going to try to stimulate her mind more during the day. Planning more activities. Coloring, bubbles.....maybe some play dough. We'll see.

We are all on an end of winter depression around here. We are so tired of snow. Tired of cold. Tired of being inside. I know when spring gets here it will all be worth it, because it will be so beautiful. The wait is just getting to us....big time.

In happier news: Sadie has taken her yell-singing to church. During the hymns, she sits up on the bench, opens a hymn book on her lap, waves her arms (like she's leading the music) and yell-sings. It's cute. So cute. But we're trying to teach her to be just a little quieter. I love that she likes music. That she wants to shake her bootie & yell it out when she sings. So cool.

Here's another self portrait. A place I am many times during the day....the kitchen sink. Doing dishes. Making meals. Washing hands. Depositing dirty sippy cups & snack bowls.


Heather said...

Cool self portraits...How are you doing that? Setting it on timer?

Candace said...

Yeah, i just set the timer.

Michelle said...

Hi Candace-
I so know how you feel about Sadie being so independent. Everything you said... sitting in the stroller, car seat, ect. we struggle with, with Avry. It does get so frustrating at times. I'm hoping she'll grow out of this stage soon. The good side of her independence is that I like how she can dress herself and put her own shoes on. Anyway... you're definetly not alone.

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