Sunday, April 09, 2006

Dollar Store Finds & Bucket Drama

Picked up some good stuff at the dollar store for Sadie this week:

-2 more Hello Kitty coloring books. Because I am now in love with Hello Kitty. She's so cute. Also, because Sadie has colored every page in her other Hello Kitty coloring book including both sides of the front & back covers.

-bubble bath.

-A Hello Kitty plate....I'm telling's a problem I've developed.

-and a little bucket & shovel. This one was Disney Princesses.

Saturday seemed pretty nice so we went outside to the sand box. I showed Sadie how to use her shovel to scoop dirt into her bucket. She was lovin' it. Kept at it for about 45 min. It was pretty windy out & started to get quite cold. I kept asking her if she was ready to go inside. She'd answer me with a pretty violent "NO!" Finally I just picked her up & we went in. She threw a major fit the whole way. When we got inside, she refused to take off her jacket or shoes & wouldn't put her bucket down. She kept crying "scoooop!" I finally turned on the new Sesame Street video that we got through Netflix. Here's a photo of her being distracted by the video. Took a while before she walked away from the door & I could grab her bucket & shovel & hide them.

I totally understand now why mom's of little kids are all so tan during the summer. She's just so happy to be outside. And that got me thinking. One of my resolutions this year was to teach myself how to knit. I did get going on it one night a few months ago....but haven't done anything since..because it's dang hard!! BUT...I'm thinking that I can work on it this summer while I'm sitting outside at the park with Sadie. We'll see.

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