Friday, April 28, 2006

Follow up

*The Orange, avocado Chicken was....mmm....okay. Dylan & I agreed that it wasn't disgusting, just not something you wanted to eat over & over. A little too "metropolitan" as Dylan described it. It's not going to discourage me from trying new things though.

*I did kinda suck at volleyball. Got a bruised knee. BUT we all sucked...& then there were some times that I really didn't suck. I had some serious memories of playing in high school. It was a whole lot of fun. Glad I went.

*Still working on my cleaning. Dylan was home yesterday working on his final project for this he was on the computer, um, pretty much all day. Until like 4pm. So I didn't have access to the internet. Can you imagine how much I got done around the house!? Tons! Having flashbacks of cleaning the walls & baseboards as a kid on spring break. Gosh we complained about that SO MUCH! Sorry Mom.

*Scrappy bits are little projects....this time Mother's Day gifts....using my scrapbooking supplies, of course. That's for you Michelle. I'll have to post pictures later. Don't want to ruin the surprise.

So on the agenda today:

*The in-laws are coming for the weekend. Gotta clean the bathroom. Kept that for last minute so it'd be extra fresh & clean.
*We're doing lots of fun stuff for Brock's wedding. Brunch, temple sealing & then the reception tonight. Hoping to get a slow dance in with my husband. I love that stuff....cause I'm kinda a dorky romantic girl when it comes to him.
*....& we'll just have to see what else the day brings.

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Dylan said...

Candace - I.O.U. 1 (one) slow dance. Who knew that they wouldn't have a D.J.? Cash this in whenever, I'll be more than happy to oblige. - rdt

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