Monday, April 17, 2006

Forgot About This One...

I forgot to post this....didn't want to forget. I took Sadie to the Parents As Teachers meeting last Wednesday night. This is a open house put on by the Madison School District once a month for Parents of children 5 and under. This month they had animals out for the kids to pet. They had a box of chicks, which Sadie was LOVIN'!!!. She got right in there and pet them. They also had a rabbit....which she pet once & a lamb, which she was kinda afraid of. I wished I had taken my camera so I could get a shot of her with the chicks. So cute.

They also had cups of chocolate pudding & had the kids smash up oreos for the dirt & put a gummy worm in. Sadie kept asking for a bite, but would shake her head & cry when I tried to feed it to her. I knew exactly what little miss independent wanted. When we got home, I undressed her & let her dig in. Here is the resulting mess:

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