Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Could Feel Sun on My Skin!!!!

That's what happens when it's finally 53 degrees out, sunny & no wind.

Today I wore a t-shirt & flip flops. No jacket for me today. It was so glorious to actually feel sun on my skin. I recognized that this was a feeling that I hadn't experienced in many months. A great day! So happy because of the sun today.

We went to the grocery store today. Sadie brought her two My Little Ponys along. They sat on either side of her in the cart. And I brought my new secret weapon for when I need Sadie to sit still, but I know she'll be restless. Marshmallows!!!! I know it's probably not the best thing to feel your child straight sugar. But just for grocery store trips, or during sacrament meeting, or any other desperate moment.....what the hay! It worked today and we actually had a good trip to the market.

We spent a good amount of time outside today at the little park in our apartment complex. We came inside for dinner & then went right back out until bath time & then bed time. Sadie had a good time in the dirt & on the slide. I took off her shoes & let her walk in the sand & run in the grass barefoot. She was happy.

It wore her out though. She went to bed at 7:45pm. Was out right away.

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Amber said...

I am so happy that you finally had nice weather. Finally a change for Sadie. I am glad you two had a fun day!

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