Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Little Here & There

Just some random stuff for today:

*This is my 70th blog post. I'm an animal!!! I love this blog.

*Trying to be more of a list person. I made a list today for "spring cleaning". I wiped down my cupboards & appliances. That's all I got to. It's too nice outside.

*Sadie will have 3 new cousins born this year. so cool!

*Working on some scrappy bits for Mother's Day. Having fun with that.

*Trying a new recipe tonight. Grilled Chicken w/ Orange, Avacado Salsa. Sounds weird. I know. Curious to see how it tastes.

*Going to an enrichment activity tonight. We're playing volleyball. Haven't done that it years. Will I suck?

*Thinking about my friend Chanel. Just moved to Colorado. Wondering how she likes her new house.

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Michelle said...

Hi CAndace-
Just wondering what are scrappy bits? I like your wording. I've been thinking a lot about Chanel too. It's so fun to settle into a new house. I think so anyway.

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