Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ryan Adams & Other Heavy Rotation Albums

I have this tendency to listen to albums over & over & over & over. I've always done this, I can remember way back in the day listening to Pavement or The Lemonheads or The Violent Femmes over & over in my room & on my headphones. Whichever was my favorite at the moment was on constantly. This hasn't changed with me....but I do try to tone it down a little bit. I'll want to put some music on...go to the cd rack...think immediately of my favorite at the moment & I'll have to tell myself, "no, not today". But then I'll only give myself that day & it's back on tomorrow.

Right now my favorite is Cold Roses by Ryan Adams & The Cardinals. It's a beautiful album. Sounds like what you wished all modern country music would sound like. It's beautiful! Love his voice. Love the lyrics...a lot of which are pretty sad & I wouldn't even try to understand. The photo above is of Ryan during the time Heartbreaker came out....back when he was really cute. He looks more like a homeless person recently. A look which I've never quite understood. (Joe Brailsford for example) Sorta cool looking....maybe....but I'm not sure how one lives their life like that. Anyway....Ryan Adams is one of my top 5 favorite artists & Cold Roses is so beautifully crafted. I love all his stuff, including Whiskeytown. This is the one that's making me happy right now.

Here are some others that have been on heavy rotation in the past. No particular order.

Death Cab For Cutie Transatlanticism. I remember listening to this one a lot when Sadie was small. Always in the car when I'd drive down to Idaho Falls with her. I love, love, love Ben Gibbard's lyrics. They are amazing. Just a beautiful album. The music is great & again a well crafted album.

Spoon Kill The Moonlight. Okay, I have to admit that this one rocked my world when it showed up in our music collection. We actually wore out the first disc we had of it & had to buy another one. No scratches or anything on the disc we just played it to death....I don't know why I'm saying "we", I'm pretty sure it was my fault. Anyway, Spoon has the best beats. Makes me want to dance. I just love them....all their other albums too. This is the one that started it for me.

The Shins Oh, Inverted World. I can remember sitting in my car in Las Vegas in the drive through at Nevada State Bank listening to track #6 New Slang & pushing the back track button when the song was over. I just had to hear it again. A gorgeous song & a gorgeous album. I really like James Mercer's lyrics & the music is great. A perfect album. I loved seeing them play in Austin just before their second album came out. Fun memories.

Built Like Alaska Hopalong. Found this one all by myself. Usually Dylan gathers all the music. But I take initiative every once in a while. I love this album. Every bit of it! It can be mellow, but pretty rockin' as well. I love music like that. A great one from start to finish. Mistake #2 is probably my favorite song though. "Bruce Lee stares at the sun..."

Elliott Smith Figure 8. I remember listening to this album on a listening station at a Sony music store in San Francisco on our honeymoon. I really liked it. We acquired it later & that started my love of Elliott Smith. Dylan already had XO and before long we had bought all previous albums as well. Love me some Elliott Smith. Very sad guy. Very sad songs. Crazy, beautiful voice. He had a lot of issues & now he's dead. Suicide. It's sad & pathetic. I'll miss his good, quality work. From a Basement on a Hill just doesn't fall into that category for me. He was just too messed up.

There have been many more over the years. These are just a few. Music means so much to me. It's such an individual thing. People can like the same stuff, but a lot of times it's for different reasons. I appreciate all these artists that have created such wonderful art. I appreciate their talent. So thankful that we're blessed with music in this life. Music that moves us....makes us happy.

There you go Dylan.....hope you like this post....cause I like you.

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Dylan said...

Candace - You're right, I loved that post. You're my rockin' girlfriend and I'm glad for that. I probably could have made this list before you even posted ('cuz we're close like that), but it's really cool to hear the why's and how's of your favorites. I love you. You rock. - rdt

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