Monday, April 24, 2006

Sick Baby

Sadie started running a fever on Saturday morning we noticed that she had red bumps on her feet & sores on her tongue. I had to go into work at Melaleuca that morning, so Dylan took her to the doctor. He diagnosed her with Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease. There is no medication that they give for it....she just has to get through it. AND she's contagious. So we've been hanging out at home...feeling pretty cooped.

We ran to K-Mart on Saturday to pick up a few things and found this bubble container. Decided to go ahead & pay the $5.00 and get it for Sadie. Earlier this week she learned how to blow bubbles on her own, but wanted to hold the container all by herself & would spill them everywhere. Love this little invention....and it's made her SO HAPPY! We let her sit outside our front door & blow bubbles. She gets pretty upset when it's time to come in...and "buh-bos" is the first thing she asks for in the morning.

She's doing pretty good now with this sickness. She has sores all over that are kinda blistery & then they pop. Most concentrated on her hands, feet, bum & inside her mouth. We are trying to stay busy inside. Coloring, watching movies, reading books & we even had Dylan draw some faces on paper bags to use as puppets. My chores are behind & I left work early on Saturday, but it's nice to be able to be here for Sadie when she needs me. And for Dylan too. He's had so much homework to do. Sick babies need pretty much all your time & attention. Glad I could come home & relieve him of that.

Dylan had been on the computer all day yesterday, listening to music on the headphones while working on a project. When he abandoned it, Sadie hopped on...and she just had to put the headphones on too.

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Amber said...

Yeah that bubble thing is so cool. They don't spill it all over the place. Love it. Sorry Sadie has been so sick. It will be nice for you all to get outside when she is well!!

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