Wednesday, April 12, 2006

So Many Things....

So many things going on. So many things I want to blog about. Just haven't been finding the time to do so. Sadie is down for a nap so I thought now would be a good time. This may be a pretty long post...just warning you now.

I was asked to take some photos of Rebecca (the little girl I babysit 3 times a week) for her first birthday, in her traditional Korean dress. It was my first time with my white backdrop. I was pretty pleased...still need to try to figure a few things out. Not the best lighting....we had an overcast day. Here are a few of my favorites though:

I took Sadie to Sears to get her Easter portraits done. She looked so cute in her little pink dress. I ended up buying her some white sandals from Target. They have sparkles on them!!! Sadie was quite shy when we got there. I was changing her into her dress & noticed that she had a pouty lip going on. She kept grabbing onto me when I tried to set her down in front of the backdrop. Just was not letting go of me. A little scared I guess. We sat there for a while & ate fruit snacks until she was comfortable & then the photographer came in. Not totally in love w/ the photos...this is Sears after all. BUT, I did find one I liked & ordered the cheap package. There is a little bit of fruit snack on her tooth that you can see in the photo....but that's how it goes right.

Dylan took me out on a date on Saturday night. We went to see the Comic Frenzy show...which was so much fun...& then ate dinner at the Pineapple Grill. A fun time, yummy food. So good to get out together. I was seriously needing a date night. Loved it! Love my guy.

Speaking of my guy....yesterday I got called in to go work @ the gym daycare. Thursday is usually my day, but one of the other trades needed to take her son to the doctor. So I agreed to switch with her. The only problem was that Tuesday is my only day during the week that I don't babysit. It's my day to do laundry, go grocery shopping & catch up on a few other chores. I was kinda complaining about this to Dyl before I left. I was called early in the morning so I didn't have enough warning or time to get my stuff done. When I came home from my shift...the house was picked up....the dishes done & the laundry going. How sweet is that...I was smiling. I have the best husband!

So last night I made strawberry freezer jam. Seriously, SO GOOD! Had some on my toast this morning. Sadie was diggin' it too. I'm on this healthy food kick right now. Sometime soon I hope to make some homemade granola & I want to try an asparagus recipe too. I don't even think I like asparagus a whole lot. I'm also SO wanting to try yoga. Dylan laughs at me. I know that I'm bad for wanting to do & try EVERYTHING!! My knitting for example...totally bought a book & needles....never use them....but I have a plan for that....I WILL learn to knit!!

This morning I put Elmo on for Sadie & hopped in the shower. Ten minutes later I came out to find this. Her chillin', totally naked, watching her video. Not cool. I put her diaper back on & went to find some clothes for her to wear. Came back to find her diaper off again! Dang girl. Decided to put her in overalls today. No way she's getting to that diaper again...not today at least.


Amber said...

Those pictures are so cute. Her mom probably loved them. That was so nice of Dylan. He is a good guy. Lucky you. I love when that happens!! And Sadie is so cute. She just loves to be naked!!

Heather said...

Love the naked picture of Sadie....I hate when they learn to undress themselves. Photos with the white backdrop are cool.

Ipuna said...

So cute. I wish you would have taken our pictures for Xayla's first birthday! :)

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