Friday, May 05, 2006

Camera Love

One thing I love most about road trips is the amount of talking that Dylan & I get to do. I've always loved car rides with him because of the company. On the way home from Salt Lake we talked about our upcoming anniversary. I then realized that my one year anniversary with my camera is coming up in July. Ha ha. I am crazy! But I am in love with this camera. I love the process. I love learning & experimenting. I love what I get from it, by way of great photos & a feeling of accomplishment.

Yesterday we were waiting for Dylan to come home from work. Inspired by my little girl in a white t-shirt & jeans, I started playing with my camera. Before I knew it almost an hour had gone by. First I took this photo:

Then when she wanted me to stop taking photos of her so she could sit on my lap & read a book with me...I turned on the timer, propped up the camera & took this:

And later....I took this:

Love my camera. So much fun. Makes me happy.

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