Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Potty Training

It's been a while....but Sadie has gone pee-pee on the potty...a few times. She kinda lost interest in it & started asking to go potty only when she wanted to either get past the hallway gate into the back rooms, or take her clothes off. She'd get up on the potty, but sit there for like 2 seconds & then stand up on the toilet trying to reach at stuff on the counter. I'd had enough of it.

I think that she really is ready for it & could handle it. She does have an interest in it & I'm thinking...if we're gonna do this, let's do it all the way. SO...we bought her a NEW potty. This one is a little padded seat with Elmo & Big Bird on it. She thinks it's pretty cool. We also got some candy as a treat. Peanut Butter M&M's.

Well, she definitely sits on the potty much better & for longer. This is good. Nothing happening & gosh I wish it would, but it's good. She saw me putting the candy away & flipped out! Yelling "nany!!!" She wanted some so bad! We kept explaining to her that she could have some candy when she goes on the potty. A lot of throwing her body down on the floor & crying happening there.

When it happens. When she really goes & gets the candy as a reward. I think we'll be golden. Not saying that it's going to happen that quickly.....just think we'll be on the right track & we won't look back.

Keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow is the day.


chanel said...

I so know the feeling! I started Julia at 18 months and it was literally another 18 months before she really did it. Its one one of those parent things you just have to let go of and let her take the lead. We used tootsie rolls for jules and called them potty treats, luckily she was never really crazy over them, although we went through a spell of peeing like every 15 minutes to get a potty treat.
Don't make yourself or her nuts over this - it will happen. Think of her as still your BABY, she'll really be a big girl before you know it, and there's no going back then!

Ipuna said...

What I get to look forward to again!

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