Friday, May 05, 2006

These Little Hands

There are days....and this happens quite often....when I look at my little Sadie & she just looks so big....older....more grown up than the day before. Yesterday when I was snapping pictures of her, I took this one of her little hand...holding a fruit snack. I love the way she says "fruit snack" by the way. Anyway, I couldn't help but think about how I am going to feel when her hands don't look like this anymore. When instead of holding fruit snacks & sippy cups they're holding car keys & a cell phone. Will I be sad? Probably, because everything makes me sad. BUT I want to enjoy her & be happy with her through every stage of her life. I'm sure that she'll still be just as funny & fun to be with as she is now.

I was talking to Chanel the other day about some of the hard parts of parenting & being a mom. How being with your kids every hour of the day is wonderful overall....but not every single hour is the most pleasant, or easy to handle. How our patience is tried every day...and how we get down on ourselves for sometimes reacting to the stress in not the best way. It's always nice to know that others are dealing with the same things I am. But thinking about all of this reminded me that I need to let go sometimes & just be a kid right along with Sadie. Enjoy having a bit of a childhood again with her. And to choose my she will grow up to be a likeable, respectful & good person. I will not be sad when these hands of hers change. It will be a slow & gradual change. I will see parts of her that are beautiful at every age & I'll love her more & more each day. Still....I will try to make the most of right now. And when I am trying to do something...and she is at my legs crying for me to hold her, I will try more to remember what is important....getting dinner done exactly at 5:00pm or taking a few moments to hold her.

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Ipuna said...

I love this. I feel that sometimes my priorities are out of whack. I love reading your bloggs. Sometimes it makes me take a step back and remember what is important.

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