Saturday, May 13, 2006

Week In Review

So, I've been a bad blogger this week. Just not feeling the groove. But a lot happened this week that I want to remember.

The weather has been great. I am loving my mom shorts. Always said that I'd never wear those shorts that go all the way to your knees....but here I am loving them. Makes a big difference in how comfortable I feel temperature wise. And I think that they are actually pretty stylish. It's good.

I was a bit depressed on Tuesday. Feeling the weight of it all, I guess. Sadie has been quite attached to me for some reason. I guess I'm her little security & she can't stand for me to leave the room for two minutes even if Dylan is with her. You can't even imagine how many times I've heard "mommy" (that's what she calls me now. What a big girl, moving on up from mama....oh and you should hear her say "dad". Just so cute! Anyway.....) in a crying, whining voice. Has to have been a million, or something like that. Ha ha....I'm not being dramatic at all! Anyway.....that feeling down made me think of all the other things that are bothering insane addiction to sugar....& a few more I can't think of right now. Anyway, Dylan was a saint! He took Sadie to go get the car washed & I got to take a minute to breath & then take a shower without her crying at the gate. I know that I have control over these feelings. I felt silly & dumb even feeling that way...still I couldn't get over it. Wednesday was a much better day....totally different. I went & worked out at 6am (haven't been doing that), showered, hit the grocery store & did a few chores all before 10am. Awesome!

Some other fun stuff this week: Dylan & I played Skip-Bo the other night. I made muddy buddies, so we snacked & played & it was SO FUN! I won two of the games & he won one.

We bought some more totes & I packed up all of Sadie's clothes that she's grown out of. That feels so good.

Sadie woke up from her nap yesterday & saw the video camera charging....she said "hamba". That's the first time I've heard her say camera. Next she said "mama". Yep....she can associate 'camera' w/ 'momma'. Funny. She's also starting to make the "L" sound. Cute to hear her say things like "love you".

It's Saturday & Dylan has the day off of work. A day where both of us have no responsibilities outside the home. This is so foreign to us. And so cool! We were talking about what we should do with this day. Couldn't really come up with anything "fun". I asked Dylan if he wanted to just clean & organize. My husband....the only one who would get so excited about that! He's funny. So that is what we're doing today. Cleaning & organizing. Need to hit the grocery store & make sure that we're stocked up for Sunday. I'm excited....should be a good day.

Also....excited for Mother's Day tomorrow.

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Ipuna said...

WOW what a busy day.

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