Friday, June 30, 2006

Countdown to Air Conditioning

Well, we've almost made it. I made a goal to not run the air conditioning until July. Dylan calls me crazy whenever we talk about it. I am just trying to save a little money. I also think it's pretty darn cool that we can live in a place where we really can go with running the A/C for only two months out of the year.

It really hasn't been hard except for the last week or so. The nights and mornings are really nice with the windows open, but the afternoons & evenings have been pretty warm. So starting tomorrow, if we feel like it, we can turn the air on. And, I think we will. I have just been zonked of my energy in the afternoons & I'm blaming it on the heat.

The first year that we lived here we didn't even have an A/C unit in this apartment....and we survived that summer. I remember it sucked though, especially because I was pregnant with Sadie. They put the A/C in the end of August that year & I had Sadie just a few weeks later.

So....looking forward to some cooler days ahead. Inside at least.

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Caitlin said...

We don't have any AC! Just a couple weeks ago it was a bit cooler but this week has been stinkin' hot! When is it going to snow?

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