Tuesday, June 13, 2006

FHE Flowers

Dylan and I have both been feeling like we need to be much more consistent with having Family Home Evening. So last night I pulled something together. We talked about The Law of the Harvest & read Doctrine & Covenants 6:33; "Fear not to do good, my sons, for whatsoever ye sow, that shall ye also reap; therefore, if ye sow good ye shall also reap good for your reward." Then we went to the store & picked out some flowers to plant. It was fun to be together & I think the flowers make a nice addition to our porch. We were all so happy. I love the spirit that can be felt during family home evening & the whole night after. Glad we did it & I'm going to try hard to make sure we keep up on it.

Sadie is in love with her sunglasses. She will keep them on for quite a while, or put them on the top of her head or hang them on her shirt. She wore them through half of sacrament meeting on Sunday but it made her happy.

She has started singing along to the music that she hears on our stereo & in the car. It's just funny because were used to her only singing kid songs.

Today I was looking at Heather's blog & she had a picture of Dad holding Brandon. Sadie saw the picture & was pretty excited to see Poppa. When I scrolled down the screen & we couldn't see the photo anymore, she asked me for "more Poppa".

We took Sadie to see the movie Cars last Friday. She was really interested in the seats, the big screen & the popcorn. She lasted about 45 minutes into the movie & then needed to get up & walk around. Since then she's been telling everybody about Cars on the big TV. We were in Wal-Mart last night & walked past a display with tons of Cars stuff. She got so excited & yelled out "CAAAAAAAARS!". It was so funny.

While talking to Grandpa Todd on the phone last Sunday, Sadie said "Poppa. Mony" & the put her My Little Pony up to the phone & said in a high voice "hi poppa" (talking for the pony). Too funny.

We have a parent educator that has started coming to our house once a month. This is a free service in Madison County. We talk about Sadie's development & she gives me ideas on what to work on with her. We had an appointment yesterday & she told me that Sadie is very advanced for her age, especially with her speech. She told me that I didn't need to go by what most books or other sources say she should be doing for her age & that I could probably start working on colors & a few letters for letter recognition with her. Smart little stinker.

I have this goal to not run the air conditioning for the whole month of June. So far we've been doing pretty good. We only turned it on the first night we got home from Las Vegas & it's been off ever since. I'm pretty serious about it & Dylan has called me crazy....but we are actually fine without it for now & plus we're probably poorer than we've ever been & that is just how it's going to be this summer. No grants or financial aid for Dylan's off semester. We will survive though.

This summer has been fun so far. We've been going swimming in little kiddie pools w/ Amanda's girls & spending lots of time outside. We have plans to do some camping this summer & I'm excited for the 4th of July parade & all those festivities.

Dylan has felt a little stuck on his BFA project which he needs to present in August. He decided to fast yesterday for inspiration & direction. I'm so happy to be married to a man with so much faith. I really want his project to be stellar & I know he does too. He'll get there....I know it.

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Ipuna said...

We just watched Cars yesterday. Very cute show. I wasn't brave enough to bring Xayla. We just took Kobi.
I love your family home evening. We are starting to get better about that as well.
I know the feeling of being broke. It just causes you to budget better and appreciate what you have. Times will get better for us all!

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