Sunday, June 25, 2006

Horsies. Round & Round. Pink Horsie.

Did that title make any sense? Well, that's what Sadie would say if she was the one journaling.

I took Sadie to ride the carousel at Porter Park a few weeks back when they were running rides for free at a Parents As Teachers group meeting. She LOVED it! And she freaks out whenever we're at the park & she sees it. It's $1.00 per ride & I just feel like that's a lot to go around for 3 minutes. We were at the park a few times this week while the carousel was running & Sadie wanted to go on it so bad, but I didn't have any money on me. I kept telling her that we'd go with Daddy. So yesterday afternoon we took her over. She was so very excited. She had to be on the pink horse. Dylan rode with her & then when the ride was over & she refused to get off the horse, Dylan & I switched & I rode with her for one more ride.

We had so much fun. I love it when she gets so excited & smiles so big that her eyes get squinty.

And here's a really grainy picture of Sadie in the bathtub. I just really liked it.


ColoradoCoolCats said...

aww you guys are such good parents! i love to hear that we're not the only ones who give in when they're refusing to get off the horsie! :) what a great childhood we're giving them!

that bathroom shot is precious!

Ipuna said...

It looks like she is feeling better! That's great. Cute pictures.

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