Friday, June 16, 2006

Scrapbooking Makes Me Happy

I've been feeling a little scrapbooking groove lately. I'm working on finishing up the baby album I'm making as a gift for Chanel's baby girl Lauren. Lauren is only.....oh 6 months old now. But I'm getting close. Did a few spreads last night and it is amazing how much happier I wake up the next day. Chanel is going to hate me for teasing her like this, but I thought I'd post a few sneak peeks of the album. I'm loving it. Not exactly very "baby" loooking, but I love it & hope Chanel will too. I just have a couple more spreads & a title page to do. Might take me a few more weeks though, we'll see. Hang in there Chanel & know I'm doing this cause I love ya!


chanel said...

Ahhhhhh!! I LOVE IT!!!! I want it, want it, want it!!!! You are sooo awesome! I can't wait! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I am really really excited, I have been since you told me about it SEVEN months ago! What a great thing though, totally worth the wait. I KNOW you give it to me at our campout!! Another thing I can't wait to do with you!!! YAY! I love you, you're the greatest friend in the world!

Ipuna said...

How CUTE! You are GOOD! I am working on my creativity!

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