Thursday, June 29, 2006

Summer Albums

These are the albums we've been listening to quite a bit so far this summer:

The Oranges Band The World & Everything in It
Very summery. Just look at the album cover. No really. A good little album. One that may not hit you the first time you listen to it. But after listening a few more times, I fell in love. Dylan too.

Langhorne Slim When the Sun's Gone Down
Okay. This one just kicks. A twangy, folky, bluegrassy banjo....with some very punk rock "HEY!" shouts. Very cool.

Band of Horses Everything All the Time
Love this one. They've been compared to The Shins & I love me some Shins.

Just thought it would be fun to look back some day & see what we were listening to at the time.

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