Friday, June 16, 2006

What We Saw Today...

Dylan had the day off work today, so we decided to go exploring. We drove up to Island Park, a city about 50 miles north & walked around Harriman State Park. Sadie was loving the rocks & sticks & birds & horsies & waters. We're not sure why she calls water "waters" but we think it's funny.

Then we drove over to see Mesa Falls. Dylan & I both had panic attacks when we got to the observation deck. It just seemed like we were standing on this deck that hung out over the mountain & was 120 feet down. Dylan held on really tight to Sadie & I snapped a few quick photos. I think my heart beat slowed down when we got back to the parking lot. OH! We stopped in this little restored inn there where the ranger working there told us they had some "critters" in the back room. Well, it was actually the skins & teeth of lots of critters & the room smelled SO BAD! Like really, really, really bad breath. I had to get out!

Anyway, it was fun & we think we might go camping around there sometime this summer & make our way over to Yellowstone since it's so close.

We were all pretty hungry for dinner when we got home. Sadie was eating watermelon, with no shirt on. The juice was running down her belly & collecting in her belly button. We had a good laugh about that one.


Castle Rocker said...

Those photos are really cool. That observation deck experience reminds me of the time Dylan and I went to Boulder Dam late at night just to see what all the fuss was about.

If you go camping in Yellowstone watch out for a new breed of animal the scientists are calling "bears."

Ipuna said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love Waterfalls, actually anything with water. That is why I would like to move somewhere greener later in life.

Amber said...

those pictures are so cool. You are so lucky that you are so close to a place like that. My boys would love that!

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