Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Why I Blog

Been thinking about this lately & here are my reasons:

*I have never been better at keeping a "journal" as I have in the last 6 months here on my blog. I love how quick it is. I love that I can post a picture along with my words.

*I can share more with family & friends who are far away.

*I am able to record & remember things I've already forgotten about like a date Dylan & I went on or when Sadie started asking me to "tis" (kiss) her owies.

*I don't want to forget. Can't bear to forget life as we know it right now.

*I want them to know & remember. Memories. Moments. Everyday Bliss. Blessings. Trials. Insecurities. LOVE.

*Another way to stay connected.

*I do this for me. This makes me feel right & good.

Thanks for being a part of this with me.

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ColoradoCoolCats said...

Did my snotty bolg inspire this? I took that blog off- I think I was PMSing- stupid Super Nanny! Sorry about that. As much as I wanted to stop doing this I think what I really wanted was to do it at a better time then when my girls are up and wanting me. I love how wonderful this is to journal and all those things you listed are exactly how I feel too! Gotta keep the blog going and learn to time manage better!

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