Sunday, July 30, 2006

Corners of My Home

There's a group on Flikr that posts photos of their homes. Little corners. Spots that make them happy. The group is called Corners of My Home & I think it is a rad idea. I thought I'd do this here on my blog, and for some reason I immediately thought of this spot in our bathroom. We have a kid. A very cool kid. Her stuff is everywhere. Little reminders of her existence. While her stuff everywhere can sometimes drive me crazy, it never does in this little corner. Because it's always contained, in that green basket. It's organized. It's colorful. It makes me happy.


Ipuna said...

Your blog is so cool. You have random things and pictures on it, but it makes me think of my corners of my house or pictures that I love or fortunes that I love. Very cute.

chanelly said...

Hey this is cool, i may copy ya!

That dancing picture is cute, it really is amazing that sadie is so big, not too big to twirl in your arms though, gotta love that!

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