Friday, July 21, 2006

I tried to take a nap...

just now. I was having big crocodile tear yawns, yet when I went to lay down I couldn't sleep at all.

I had all this stuff on my mind. None of which should be keeping a person awake when they're really tired. Here it goes:

*I found this blog just the other day & I can't get enough of it. I've been going back through her archives. Soaking up all the coolness & craftiness. Very inspiring. It makes me want to sew, real bad.

*We got the new issue of Ready Made Magazine in the mail today. A great magazine. There's an article this month about Airstream trailers. Dylan & I have always talked about getting an old one. One of those things we say we want in the future & right now in the future means when Dylan graduates. So, we say...."when you graduate" but really it means sometime in the future, probably a few years from now. Anyway, got me thinking about all the stuff we want. A place to live where we have a studio. Maybe one for each of us. Or, just one w/ my stuff & his stuff together. We'd like to have a detached studio. A building in the back yard all our own. I want tons of stuff for paper crafts & all kinds of crafts. I want more photography equipment. Dylan wants screenprinting equipment. All kinds of stuff that costs money. Stuff that would be oh so fun.

*Started thinking about how we want all the stuff, but we want a few more kiddies too. Want to have fun, but kids can be expensive & we want to have college funds for all of them.

*Oh! I also thought about having a back yard. We talk abot this one a lot. We want a super cool back yard, with a deck, and cool furniture, and all kinds of twinkly lights strung in the trees, and a screen & projector to watch movies outside.

Are we just a couple of big kids or what!? We just want to have fun & be cool. Anyway....dreams....dreams that keep me from taking a nice nap. It will be cool to see what our future has in store. It will be cool to see if we make it happen.


Ipuna said...

I love the big screen, watching TV outdoors idea. Hopefully, there are no mosquitoes! :) You guys are so creative and neat. I like that. Very artistic. K.C. and I are so left brained.

chanelly said...

dang it! i want so much stuff too, its shameful! backyards are cool, but just like you said it costs to get cool stuff for them. i want a swing set and furniture, maybe next year! ryan says i can just walk to the park! blah!

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