Sunday, July 02, 2006

Little Mommy Sadie

Well I'm taking Dylan's challenge to make a blog post every day this week. Had to think for a little bit tonight. Blogging wasn't right there in the front of my mind, but I'm glad I did cause I want to remember this about Miss Sadie.

Sadie has had a little surge of interest in her babydoll. She pushes her around in the stroller. Puts the blanket over her & gives her a toy to play with while they walk. She'll walk up to me or Dylan and say "Hi!" Dylan & I will talk to her say stuff like: "What a cute baby you have. She looks just like you. You must be such a proud momma. She's cute, can I give her a kiss?" And Sadie will say "Yeeeah" or "Yeeeees" (love it when she draws out those words).

She takes the baby to her play kitchen, puts her in the baby seat at the table & cooks her some "hunch". She puts the food in front of her & says "here you go, baby." Then she takes her to the sink & washes her hands & face.

She'll lay the baby blanket on the ground & lay her baby down next to her...and smile at her....with squinched up eyes. It's so sweet. That smile she gives her is the one that gets me the most.

Last night it was storming out. Lightning & thunder. Sadie was too scared to go to sleep on her own. So I brought her in on our bed & laid down with her. She fell asleep pretty quickly with my arm under her neck. Me holding Sadie & Sadie holding her baby.

It's just too cute. I know it's in her nature to be interested in this type of play. Typical "girl" stuff I guess....but I have to admit it still makes me a very proud momma. Maybe a little bit of evidence that I'm doing a good job. Maybe that she understands that I do all of this stuff for her because I love her. I don't know. I know I'm crazy, but it makes me happy to watch her.

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