Friday, July 07, 2006

Random Stuff

Here is the link to the Three Berry Trifle recipe. Ipuna asked for it & I don't know if anybody else wanted it.

So last night with my alone time....Chanel was right. I did rush around like a mad-woman trying to get as much done as I could. I swept & vacuumed my floors. I cleaned my kitchen & scrubbed my sink. I did some scrapbooking (worked on the album for baby Lauren Grace which is oh so very close to being done!!!). Then I sat down to look at some books I picked up at the library (a few cookbooks & a photoshop how-to book). It was fun.

I got my hair cut today. I absolutely love getting my hair done. Makes me very happy. And I'm even more blonde this time.

Dylan & I watched a movie last night that really moved me. Hope to post more about it later, but I need to get my thoughts together.

And do you guys remember this thing!! So funny!!! For some reason I thought of this last night & Dylan & I were talking about the sandwiches we used to make in them. Ham & cheese was big. I know all the Duke kids remember our little pizza pockets. Yuck. That sounds so gross now...but we loved 'em then.


Amber said...

YES! The pizza pockets. What was that thing called?

lauren's mom said...

Whats this cleaning floors and sinks when you have a MAJOR scrapbooking project ALMOST complete??? FOCUS! :)

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